Fibre optic solutions

A fibre solution is usually applied in situations where normal copper cable is inadequate. It may be that the network needs to be extended beyond the limit of normal copper cable, or the network to be lead into heavy industrial environments not suitable for standard Ethernet or coaxial cable.



Network topologies

Our extensive fiber range allows you to build any type of network topology. Ring Networks with standard STP / RSTP, or our own super-fast FRNT redundancy protocol, star networks, multidrop networks or point-to-point connections. Our fiber switches are fully managed with routing functionality that allows simple solutions to complex networking needs.


Serial networks

For serial networks, our ODW-series provides a easy to install, robust and reliable solution over fiber optic cable. The ODW-series supports the most common serial protocols, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Profibus. Models are available for ring and multidrop network and point-to-point networks. In ring networks, we can offer less than 1 ms reconfiguration times in networks with up to 200 devices.



Connect serial and IP-based networks

Our fiber product range is fully compatible and makes it possible to combine serial and  Ethernet networks. For applications requiring high availability and resilience, individual ring networks can be combined which allow hundreds of devices to be connected in a ring with re-configuration-times less than 1 ms. 

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